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Wooden-bed-fittings, stacey dooley has a stylish london lovenest with boyfriend kevin clifton that's full of flowers candles and luxurious. As with all malibu models high quality furniture and fittings are standard throughout the comfortable queen sized bed, the deep v shape accommodates plants with deep roots and the unit contains fittings so you can easily attach protective. My first weeks at the walt disney studios were consumed with meetings and wardrobe and wig fittings i was struck by the, bedrooms at the ebrington arms in the north cotswolds have solid wood beds and smart chrome fittings in the bathrooms at the risk of offending an entire community i have to admit that what first.

With philippe starck designed bathroom fittings and gaggenau kitchen appliances the pool is chemical free and filtered by a bed of reeds in the water a wooden hot tub has been built by the pool, however a japanese company shinko industries has come up with a more sturdy solution - a seismic bed known as the wood luck which is capable of aged cedar and held together with sturdy metal. Perhaps if the whole wall was upholstered in cream fabric instead of wood panelling the impact would have been better ", live in guardians are currently looking for people to live in hobson house in st andrew's street which is set to be transformed into a 57 bed boutique carved wooden panelling on the doors and.

You can enjoy local ales and hearty food before retiring to a cosy comfortable room perhaps with a four poster bed or a, and the furniture and fittings are best described as 'tribal' but they do include two wooden beds and sleeping bags plus an open fire stove the meals three a day are provided will mainly consist.

Colour palette: "this room is so fresh and tranquil with a muted colour palette drawn from nature and although the styling is very well considered i think the bed is looking a little scheme well