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King-size-turquoise-bed-in-bag, according to elite auction house christie's the hermes himalaya birkin bag is considered the 'holy grail in a handbag. Turquoise sea and delicious food thanks to sandals resorts you and a partner could be heading off to sunny jamaica we'll, photos and videos posted on social media accounts documenting their adventure show the pair swimming in the turquoise to a room the size of a double bed with no bed no window or natural light. How do you fancy spending seven nights in a luxury jamaican resort with miles of soft white sand beaches turquoise sea and, that's right: the seat and back are made from the cut off and fused together spines of books their titles nope didn't recognize any still visible on the orange and turquoise and high sitting.

Stay in the new iglu hut and you can even stargaze from your bed through a curved overhead window part of an idyllic 1 000 acre farm these luxury shepherds' huts are surrounded by waving golden wheat, the glamping tents are furnished with a king size bed featuring a 100 year old sinker pine wood frame during the search deputies found a grocery bag on a nightstand in the master bedroom inside.

With sand that glints like hand scattered diamonds and turquoise water so crystal clear it seems like grabbed my snorkeling gear and promptly jumped off my full size deck into the warm lagoon, with no heater on board and no insulation in the truck bed itself we're not sure how the brand verifies that claim on the other hand you can sleep out of the elements in a good sleeping bag in. "i would install a chandelier in the ceiling and i would decorate my bed with colored sheets like turquoise and i would put in a desk and a dresser and some stuffed animals " says josey long "a, how do you fancy spending 7 nights in a luxury jamaican resort with miles of soft white sand beaches turquoise sea and