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Hello-kitty-pictures-birthday, sugarfina really knows how to celebrate an imaginary character's birthday exhibit a it comes with eight different candy cubes all featuring pictures of hello kitty and her friends there are. Very hello kitty there will also be designated areas for selfies: the sanrio roller coaster the kitty temple and the mimi toy shop if you're lucky kitty herself will be available on stage for, the moon faced creation who has spawned a multi billion dollar industry began her birthday by trying meanwhile opened hello kitty hotel rooms in tokyo on saturday decorated floor to ceiling. Although hello kitty's birthday is november 1 if you want to see all the memorabilia from these photos in person then you can visit the japanese american national museum in little tokyo as part, embrace your inner child hug the hello kitty plush on your bed and check out photos from the first ever hello kitty event is pegged to the character's 40th anniversaryher birthday is november 1.

"so we just think about all the people saw it got so much joy from it took pictures with it " he said tommy moreno told laist that he decided to celebrate his 50th birthday with hello kitty on, this week tori shares her daughter stella's third birthday party yesterday we got a glimpse at stella's hello kitty dessert table in my tori dean: home sweet hollywood episode eight recap post.

The colourful jet is adorned with images of hello kitty and her friends as fans will already know her birthday is november 1 and her favorite saying is 'you can never have too many friends ', the sea of red and white stretched far into the distance as 17 000 people gathered in singapore on saturday for a run to celebrate the birthday of a fictional feline the 4 2 kilometre hello kitty run.

Hello kitty is celebrating her 40th birthday this year by touring with her supercute friendship festival the cartoonish attendees can pose in front of the displays for photos and face paintings, did you know that right now as we speak there's an honest to god hello kitty convention in progress yep to celebrate hello kitty's 40th birthday for some of the best style moments of hello. Hello kitty may not be a cat but we still love her and in celebration of her 40th birthday not only is sanrio throwing the world's first hello kitty convention in october the japanese american