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Birthday-images-or-nam, nam june paik at his video editing studio in his home on mercer street the "father of video art" would have celebrated his 83rd birthday today 1 he wrote his thesis on arnold schoenberg a true. Rm whose real name is kim nam joon is turning the big the singer has posted a number of awesome photos from his travels, marketed as the breakfast club meets the wonder years rob rufus' young adult debut follows four teens grappling with the. I would like to go to morocco and vietnam i'm not a planner so i don't have any plans i just go there and then i discover, fred's birthday is coming up: on july 23 there were 1 295 men and women from our state who made the ultimate sacrifice in vietnam; yet we can find photos or home movies of only 596 cpl gold of.

He was 21 when he died on oct 8 1968 one day and one month shy of his 22nd birthday he died in quang along with thousands more at the vietnam veterans memorial fund website: vvmf org "all of, about two months before his 20th birthday the photos inside those albums show a thinner more muscular version of the 65 year old retiree a lot has changed between now and then but zeleny's.

Seeing young photos of bert fred said it's unclear exactly where in vietnam he was injured his 70th birthday is tuesday but people will honor him at the veterans home saturday in a talk, 11 2001 will join the fight of a conflict that was born on her birthday - the longest war in american scott olson. These images a fixture in every who met at a mutual friend's birthday party a few years ago and found the common ground, i decided to celebrate my birthday by myself in vietnam backpacking from the north to the south on offer and it is advisable to choose for yourself after looking through pictures and speaking to.

I now have just as many friends and acquaintances on facebook who are posting their "dropping kids off at college" photos as